Greetings from Mexico

Пред десетина дена во еден блогпост пишував за Khaenos од Мексико. Во овој блогпост целосното интервју со него:

1 Можеш ли да кажеш нешто за себе?
- I am from Mexico, and I am an art gallery manager, which happens to be in love with balkan music in general.

2 Си ја посетил ли некогаш Република Македонија?
- I haven't visited the Republic of Macedonia but I would love to, I actually have a cyber friend who lives there and because of his friendship I can tell Macedonians are really nice people with deep traditions and interesting culture and music.

3 Дали си запознат со македонската историја и култура?
-I know Macedonia is the home of the oldest orthodox church in the balkans, and that also has a wonderful lake. They have said that they share something with Bulgarian History, but I don't think so, though macedonian language has a connection with bulgarian, but a different grammar and its own version of the cyrillic alphabet, in fact I can tell when is macedonian by reading it.

4 Имаш ли проблем со името на Република Македонија?
- Not at all. I think that should be the name of the country. Fyrom sounds horrible and it doesn't sound like a country's name.

5 Ако некоја земја побара Мексико да си го смени името дали ќе се согласиш?
- I think having a name it's up for a country. Mexico has earned its name through the years. I was formerly known as "New Spain" and now this is its actual name. In fact my country has been into bloody battle to earn its autonomy that I wouldn't agree with an external intervention to change the name. It has earned it after big fights, it deserves it.

6 Како според тебе Македонија може да се избори за своето име?
-The way I personally think you should keep your name is to sit down along with Greece and talk about underline the territory of what they think is Macedonia, and Fyrom. Of course, the northern part, which is your country, republic of Macedonia should keep its name, and the other part (Greek Macedonia) should be just Macedonia Northern Greece. What do you think?

7 Што е тоа што ги поврзува Мексико и Македонија?
- The common thing? California! The north american state of California was once mexican, but was lost against the United States in a war. Part of this state is still on the mexican side. The solution to avoid any confusion was to determinate which name each part was supposed to have/keep. They came up to keep the name California for the American side, and for the mexican side was Baja California (Low California) underrlining the southern part of california in the mexican side.

8 Што мислат мнозинството Мексиканци за Македонија?
- The Balkans have always being a part of the world in a certain degree unknown for most Мexicans. We travel usually to Western Europe and most times we don't do the Eastern part. Though I would say Eastern Europe knows more of us than we imagine. Sometimes it's because of the mexican soap operas, in which Mexico is like a small Hollywood on the subject. What I know is that Mexico supports Macedonia because if you go to an international flavor place, where flags can be in exhibit, you can view the Macedonian flag amongst them.

9 Имаш ли порака до Македонците?
- Stay brave! You have something strong to defend and to keep: Your culture. For generations to come this should be the same subject. It's a matter of time, but eventually you soon will enbrace the support of other countries, but you don't need that in fact, The situation should be solved from inside out. Thanks! Greetings from Mexico!

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