Thursday, December 06, 2012

Македонска ризница на iReport

The magazine is primarily focusing on themes from Macedonian history, and not just from the distant past but history that unfolds at Macedonian gatherings and celebrations, and continues to exist to the present day as well. It also covers subjects from Macedonian arts and culture, as well as focusing on events and personalities that are deliberately or incidentally missing from the coverage done by mainstream media.

The magazine "Macedonian Treasure Trove" constantly monitors the activities of our Macedonists and great promoters of Macedonia in the world with the aim of informing the general public about their activities.

With the help of the ISSN center of Macedonia, "Macedonian Treasure Trove" recently got its own ISSN number from the ISSN International Center in Paris, which confirms our seriousness and intentions about the longevity of this project. The magazine is part of the largest internet archive in the world "The Internet Archive".

These efforts result in constant growth of the number of collaborators and interlocutors, which shows us that the magazine enjoys great confidence among historians, Macedonists, and all lovers of Macedonian history and folklore.

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