Dominos #1

Насловна страница на првата епизода од планираниот стрип серијал за суперхерои, насловен Dominos, објавен во САД на 21 ноември 2014 година, дел од чиј што креативен тим е и македонски автор.

Стрипот, во дигитален формат, може да се купи од следнава врска: Amazon.

Опис на стрипот:

As time passes, the mighty torch of the leading superhero team has to be passed, and with it comes the youth movement of the brand new assemblage of heroes. But what happens to the old team once the torch is passed? This begins the story of Dominos, the now past-their-prime super-powered team once known as the most valuable superhero team in the entire world. Once superstars, the light has faded on these middle-aged (or older) crime fighters, but with threats on the way, their skills are still needed.

The team has become a bastion of the American government, and lead by Nestor Newman, the brilliant armored surgeon and charismatic hero known as Manpower, they have become one of the more efficient teams in the government stable, despite their ages. Newman, along with the rest of his team; Tabitha "Cascade" Hoover, the aquatic-powered wonder, the paraplegic Mary Christian, whose body is aided by a large, hulking suit of armor, her husband Ezekiel, whose body is able to control electricity and their resident psionic, Gammon Brummagem III, aptly named Elder, fight the forces of evil from taking on the planet they love, all in the name of the American Way. Or so they thought.

When sent on an investigative mission for the President of the United States, something goes awry, sending the Dominos on a mission that will not only change the history of the team, but of the world itself. This collision course will cause them to question not only their own skills, but the intentions of those who they are there to support. The Dominos are back, but as circumstances change, will they be better than ever? Or just an outdated super-team who needs to retire?

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