Забележанани НЛО во Македонија во 1999 година

33. Забележан НЛО над Битола,
1999, Битола[1][2]

Во 1998 година немаме информации за забележан НЛО во Македонија. Во 1999 година пак постојат 5 такви сведоштва.

„Две години подоцна за вонземјаните станала интересна Битола...“[1][2]

34. Забележан НЛО над Скопје,
февруари 1999, Скопје[1][2]

Во 1999 година Скопје вкупно три пати бил дестинација на НЛО посети.

„...во февруари 1999 Скопје...“[1][2]

35. Забележан НЛО над Ѓорче Петров,
мај 1999, Ѓорче Петров[1][2]

„...мај истата година Ѓорче Петров...“[1][2]

36. Забележан НЛО,
мај (?) 1999 година, Скопје (?)[34][35]

„I remember it was during the NATO campaign against Yugoslavia in 1999, I was sitting with my friend outside the house, I looked in the sky it was night and I saw an object with gray silver color coming straight down from the clouds towards the ground but changed directions immediately and started to fly horizontally, I thought it was an airplane but when it came closer I must say I was stunned it flew over the sky not fast at all and the flying maneuvers were astonishing, the object was flying straight and while flying it was spinning like when you throw a flat stone in the air and it spins you understand, I thought the object was going to fall but it kept flying straight, it was very strange i started to yell saying Look everybody it's a space ship everybody saw it they all agreed it was nothing they saw before. This is all true I wanted to tell this to everybody but I was afraid no one would believe me, I don't care if people believe me or not, This the truth the object I saw very clearly and very closely was not anything we have today as a flying craft and I must say again the maneuvers were impossible for any flying machine we have today.“[34][35]

37. Забележан НЛО над Јама,
лето 1999, планина Јама[1][2]

„...летото 1999 - планината Јама.“[1][2]

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