Решение на спорот за името

ФБ Коментар на Constantine Buhayer во врска со апсурдноста на трошењето на пари на грчките граѓани за антимакедонска пропаганда од страна на грчката влада, во услови кога Р. Грција е пред банкрот, и за апсурноста на грчкото инсистирање за промена на името на Р. Македонија:
„Note to the Greek state which has been wasting taxpayers' money on the Macedonian question since 1991. When a German speaks English he calls his country/citizens, Germany/Germans; when he speaks Polish he says Niemcy/Niemcy and in Spanish it's Alemania/Alemanes.

Conclusion, the important thing is how Greece refers to the Republic of Macedonia in Greek, and here everyone agrees that Greece can call it anything it likes. Any solution with a 'geographical qualifier' will be damaging and a waste of time. And this could have been resolved in the 90s. Of course this still leaves some remaining issues but they should be easier to work out.“, Constantine Buhayer

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